On November 23, a judge who describes herself as “Catholic” and a lesbian who is “married” to another woman was called and privately informed by her parish priest, Fr. Nolan, that she was not to present herself for Communion.  When she presented herself, she was denied. She then went to confession, publicly rebuked her lifestyle, and reconciled herself to the Church….

No, she called the local television station.  According to Wood TV, she is “lifelong Catholic”, “a beloved judge” who “comes from a family of prominent community members”, a victim of a “public shunning”. who “has made it clear that gay people are not welcome”.  The report also describes the decision to deny communion as “{Fr. Nolan’s] new rule”, as if he just made it up on the spot.Continue Reading

God the Father has declared that He has created you and me and each person “very good” (Gn 1:31). We are invited to receive our own selves as sacred gift. It should be obvious that absolute self-determination of the new gender theory stands in opposition to all that God has revealed to us in His Word. As such, gender theory must be rejected by all Catholics, and especially by parents.Continue Reading

Panda Cafe

Ten years ago you could not have imagined a world where people get upset at the “harm” caused by a dog pretending it’s a panda bear by having its fur dyed, yet raise no alarm whatsoever at the court-enabled decision to force a 7 year old boy to pretend to be a girl through the use of court orders, drugs, surgery and psychological warfare.Continue Reading

Fr. Martin displaying devil horns

While Fr. Martin has carefully cultivated an image of “I’m just a nice loving priest standing up for the marginalized Catholics”, his vanity makes it difficult for him to hide behind this mask for long and we occasionally get a fleeting glimpse of the inner man: arrogant, immodest, superior, vain, and smugly self-important, particularly evident in the way he openly taunts faithful Catholics.Continue Reading