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Ten years ago you could not have imagined a world where people get upset at the “harm” caused by a dog pretending it’s a panda bear by having its fur dyed, yet raise no alarm whatsoever at the court-enabled decision to force a 7 year old boy to pretend to be a girl through the use of court orders, drugs, surgery and psychological warfare.Continue Reading

Kudos from everyone here at The Laity for the brave souls who took five “Pachamama” statues from a Roman Catholic church of Santa Maria in Transpontina and threw them off the edge of Ponte Sant’Angelo into the Tiber.  This is a kind of “liberation theology” we can get behind.

“The YouTube video shows an unidentified man removing the statues from the church before placing them on the edge of the Ponte Sant’Angelo and pushing them into the river below. The description indicates that the events took place on the morning of Monday, October 21.”Continue Reading

The Liturgy is sacred and sacramental.  It is also a public, communal celebration in accordance with the entire Church, a “sacrament of unity”.  It is not a private act of the priest in which he is the celebrant and we are merely observers. We are active participants in the Mass. When abuses occur, everyone – the priest, the congregation, and the entire unity of the Church – is harmed.Continue Reading