Archbishop Chaput on Secularist Inquisitors: “Sex is their weapon of choice”

Archbishop Charles Chaput has been a stalwart leader of those who dare to fight against the rising tide of secularism. In a speech delivered at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Winona, Minn., he said it is up to the Church to lead the resistance. 

He called out the enemies of truth, who he identified as “secular inquisitors” who “seek to enforce a new orthodoxy which rejects basic human truths.”

“Sex is their weapon of choice,” Chaput said, “a kind of Swiss Army knife of gender confusion, sexual license, and ferocious moralizing against anything that hints of classic Christian morality, purity, modesty, fertility, and lifelong fidelity based on the sexual complementarity of women and men.”

What holds us back?  Fear caused by a lack of faith.  “The central problem in constructing a Christian culture is our lack of faith and the cowardice it produces. We need to admit this. And then we need to submit ourselves to a path of repentance and change, and unselfish witness to others.”

The article is highly recommended.

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