But my heart is heavy— as perhaps many of yours are— about the future our kids will face — in a culture that is becoming anti-Christ and is losing its moral compass. Our “one nation under God” is crumbling. Psalm 11 laments: “Foundations once destroyed, what can the just do?” God help us. And He will. He promised that “against His Church the gates of hell will not prevail.” Amen! But in the meantime we’re in a fight.

Mortal sin has become law — abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage so-called, to name a few. Our Lady of Fatima warned us that the final battle would be over the family. According to St. John Paul II, the family,defined as a husband, wife and child, is “the living icon of the Holy Trinity.” Thus, it is no wonder evil hates it and is at work, “to steal, kill and destroy” it.Continue Reading

The Heart of the Matter

These brief essays may or may not describe the church you are in. 

They may or may not describe the persons sitting next to you in the pew. 

They may or may not describe the persons living in your home. 

They may or may not describe the person occupying your own shoes.

But we can assure you, the symptoms revealed in these essays exist in many churches… far too many churches.  And the causes are not something that can be easily dismissed.Continue Reading

“They also demand that bishops “shed the royal raiment and regalia of the episcopate” and “put women in church leadership… [including] reopen[ing] the discussion of women’s ordination, and to name women as cardinals at the next consistory and at every consistory going forward until a balance is achieved,” and require every church to pray a certain prayer every Sunday for a “reformed church” that meets their definition of the Church that Christ established.”Continue Reading