Pachamama Buried at Sea

Kudos from everyone here at The Laity for the brave souls who took five “Pachamama” statues from a Roman Catholic church of Santa Maria in Transpontina and threw them off the edge of Ponte Sant’Angelo into the Tiber.  This is a kind of “liberation theology” we can get behind.

While those associated with the Amazon Synod pretend it’s something else, Pachamama is an Inca goddess – a false god – who was an evil god who turned into a good god at some point, like a bad professional wrestling skit.  The cult of Pachamama has also made inroads into Catholicism. As the Wikipedia entry linked above states, “Many rituals related to the Pachamama are practiced in conjunction with those of Christianity, to the point that many families are simultaneously Christian and pachamamistas. Pachamama is sometimes syncretized as the Virgin of Candelaria.”

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