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Maltese Catholics Call Upon Archbishop Scicluna for Truth

Times of Malta
Advertisement in the Times of Malta

After first calling upon Archbishop Scicluna to counter heretical statements from a priest, a group of Catholics in Malta have taken out a full-page ad in The Times of Malta, calling upon the Archbishop to “disassociate the Maltese Church from the scandalous propositions contrary to Christian faith and morals put forward by Father Schembri” in a discussion program that appeared on Malta’s state television.

Pointing out that they had “prudently waited more than two months” for the hierarchy to act, the Socjeta’Maltija Ghal Civilta Nirranija were left with no choice but to publicly call out out the failure of the Church to stand up for moral teaching.

Among the statements made by Fr. Schembri – apparently, Malta’s version of Rev. James Martin, S.J. – are the following:

  • that God created people as homosexuals;
  • that homosexual relations are not condemned by the Church;
  • that homosexuals do not need to practice chastity; and
  • that homosexuals in “a sincere relationship” is good, in the same way as love between heterosexual couples.

The advertisement gives a point-by-point refutation of every statement made by Fr. Schembri, with reference to Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  All would do well to read this document in its entirety.

As the wounded members note to their Archbishop:

Why are Maltese Catholics being subjected to such evident double standards by those entrusted with the mission to “teach, govern and sanctify” the faithful? These are questions Your Excellency would do well to ponder.

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