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Lepanto Institute – Sign the Open Letter to Pope Francis


NOTE: The Lepanto Institute is asking that faithful Catholics everywhere sign the open letter, promote it on social media, and email it to as many family, friends and colleagues as they believe would also sign the petition.  The time for talk is at an end!  

Dear Pope Francis,

If talk is cheap, then this summit on sexual abuse is worth even less.  After three days of talking, the official spokesmen for the summit went to great lengths to claim that homosexuality was not a concern while they deliberately dodged questions from reporters.

Cardinal Cupich said the day before the summit began that while most of the problem is a result of “male on male” sex abuse, “homosexuality itself is not a cause.” He says it can be explained as a matter of “opportunity and also a matter of poor training on the part of the people.”

Archbishop Scicluna said, “homosexuality and heterosexuality are “human conditions that we recognize, and that exist, but they aren’t something that really predisposes to sin.”

And Cardinal Tagle went on a vapid rant about smelling like the sheep, touching the wounds of the victims and seeking healing.

But all of this talk about the sexual abuse of children is NOT going to do a single thing to resolve the problem, especially as you continue to deny what is at the very heart of it.  The problem is rampant sexual immorality … especially homosexuality … in the clergy.  Period!

Your Holiness, if you wish to reestablish the faith, trust and love of the laity, you are going to have to take strong actions to root out the problem.  We faithful Catholics want a clear and unambiguous decree that enacts strict penalties … including excommunication and laicization … for any cleric, whether deacon, priest, bishop, archbishop or cardinal, who sexually abuses any other person regardless of age, sex or circumstance, or who is found guilty of engaging in any unnatural sexual behavior.

We want all clerics either practicing or promoting homosexuality to be removed from their positions.  We want all of the prelates who enable homosexuals, whether lay or clergy, to be removed from their positions.  That means removing individuals like Cardinal Cupich, Cardinal Kasper, Cardinal Schönborn, Cardinal Danneels, Cardinal Marx, Cardinal Tagle, Cardinal Tobin, Cardinal Farrell, Cardinal Dolan, Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop Scicluna , Bishop McElroy, Bishop Gregory, Bishop Wester, Bishop Malone, Father Daniel Horan, Father Thomas Reese, Father Thomas Rosica, and Father James Martin.  And that’s just for starters.  These men have flouted Church teaching on sexual morality for far too long, and no amount of talking is going to fix the problem of sexual immorality in the church while they remain in their positions.  If you truly seek healing for victims and for the Church, you can start there.  But if you keep talking this issue to death while sitting on your hands, then rest assured that while we will continue to pray and sacrifice for you, we will not pay you and we will simply wait for you to pass into eternity and judgement so Our Lady and Our Lord can resolve the matter through our patience and our prayers.


The Faithful

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