We are The Laity.  We believe in the immutable and universal truths of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, as revealed by God and unfailingly taught by the Church for nearly two millennia.

But the Church is in crisis, unlike any it has faced in its long and glorious history.  We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines.

For too long the laity has permitted the leaders of the Catholic Church to allow some priests, religious and lay leaders to teach heresy from the ambo and in the classrooms, to lead others into error and sin, and create scandal in the Church established by Jesus Christ. There are many good priests, religious and laity in our Church, and they are being harmed, some irreparably so, by the failure of the Church to stand up for its teachings. Our seminaries are empty, churches go without pastors, and too many followers of Jesus Christ are falling into apostasy, ignorant of the truth.

No more.

No longer will we stand by in silence as priests fail to teach the truth in our churches.  No longer will we permit religious education teachers to lead our children into grievous error.  No longer will we permit our leaders to allow and even promote the scourge of sexual sin in the seminaries and the priesthood.  No longer will we suffer the efforts of some bishops and priests to change Church teaching to adapt to the “normalization” of homosexuality and dysfunctional gender theories.

We are the laity.  We have a voice.  And we will be heard.

The Laity, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) Connecticut public charity.